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family atmosphere, expert service and the best after sales support...fantastic!

Felix Sevilla, Goldbern Construction

Great company and very good people. Malabon Diesel has all the necessary tools to take care of your computerized diesel engine. No more trial and error when having your diesel engine calibrated or repaired outside of casa. The owners and the employees are very accommodating and you'll instantly feel at home when inside the shop. Their technicians are very capable and could rebuild your diesel engine with their eyes closed. It gives you that instant comfort when watching them fix your car because you know they are not trying to experiment when fixing your car problems unlike other auto shops. Best of all their great service comes at a reasonable price.

Jay Calma, HP

One of the most service experience oriented company which is the reason why we are one of your satisfied customer from 1990 up to present.

Ric Dimaliwat, Rebisco

I've been bringing my rig to Malabon since 2013 and every experience I have with them is very worthwhile. Customer service is excellent and they would even go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Work quality is outstanding and they are experts at what they do. I haven't encountered any issues in my rig the moment they started maintaining it. Not to mention that they are also priced competitively. You get better service from them than a casa and at a lower cost. True value for money.

Marvin C. Martinez

efficient at reliable ang trabaho, detalyado ang pag trouble shoot at kada pinalitan piyesa,kahit gaanong kaliit ipinapakita nila sa costumer.

Joseph Allan Palacol, Calamba,Laguna

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