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About comments and feedback

After you've approved a job order from us, you can leave comments, feedback, or even ratings. And the sooner you can do us the favor, the better!

The comments you leave can focus on your buying experience:

  1. How satisfied were you with how the repair was handled? 
  2. How good was our customer service?
  3. How much helpful was your relationship officer?
  4. If there were concerns, how prompt was the resolution? 
  5. Would you come back for future repair requirements? 


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You are the reason why we have daily morning circles, regular section meetings and general assemblies.

Malabon Diesel and Diesel King strive to bring the best service experience to vehicle owners, fleet operators and end-users of diesel vehicles and/or equipment through our proactive approach to maintenance and repair. 

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We very much welcome your comments and feedback on our products and services. From technical to administration, we all will greatly appreciate a few words describing your experience with us.

It will take just a minute to fill up.

Thank you so much. God bless!