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Kailan huling tumirik ang kotse mo dahil sa patay na battery?

Mahirap malimutan...kasama mo pa ang buong pamilya. 

Negosyong battery.

Meron ka ba car o truck repair shop? Complete your services with Bosch Batteries.

Meron ka na ba battery store? Level up with Bosch.

Robert Bosch Philippines launched the all new Bosch Battery line for 4W, buses and heavy trucks.

  • JIS- and DIN-size batteries
  • Start-stop EFB batteries
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle (truck and bus) batteries

SOC, MF, Labyrinth lid, performance at tatak na maasahan.

 Betheboss BattPartner 9Nov20b


Get Bosch branding, exclusive discounts, access to product know-how, training on testing and storage, Bosch eXtra Rewards, endorsement to Bosch partners, and supply of Bosch battery rack and promotional materials.

Bosch is a brand that you always trust well. Many kilometers better than local brands in car and truck battery image and performance. But surprisingly affordable.

Negosyong pang 2021.

Be a Bosch Battery partner.

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Follow your passion.

<< Click now. Be the Bosch that you always want to be.

Be the Boss.


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