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Bosch KTS 340 - A winner

Winner Bosch! Dekra test 20093

A tester for all purposes

All-in-one solution for diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance.

Everything for complete vehicle diagnostics: For ECU diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.

kts340 large

Convincing advantages for the workshop

  1. Only one direct connection cable
  2. Automatic recognition of the vehicle-specific connections.
  3. Simple, fast adaptation at the vehicle with no risk of incorrect connections.
  4. Check of connection and matching connection cable.
  5. Fewer plug connections.
  6. Simplified and intelligent multiplexer control.
  7. Software-controlled communication pin selection.


  1. New intuitive operating concept covering all information
  2. Fast and easy to operate via the touch screen – with a standardized screen concept
  3. Can be switched over immediately: From ECU diagnostics to troubleshooting (component repair) and vice versa
  4. Ideal in service – speeds up the work steps that make money for the workshop
  5. Easy to handle, mobile everywhere in the workshop and can be used in or on the vehicle
  6. Can perform all workshop tasks: Integrated measuring technology and integrated WLAN (in preparation)
  7. Handy and portable with a large range of functions
  8. Mobile power supply through commercially available batteries
  9. Future-proof: Integrated OBD adapter
  10. 8.4“ TFT colour display with touch screen
  11. Integrated 2-Channel-Multimeter
  12. Stable plastic housing, integrated impact protection
  13. Additional software available

ESI[tronic]-M - Fast access to all mechanical work and functions in all areas of the vehicle:

  1. Technical data
  2. Wheel adjustment data
  3. Maintenance plans
  4. Removal and installation
  5. instructions for toothed
  6. Maintenance illustrations

TSB - Technical Service Information

As an ideal supplement to the SIS instructions, TSB permits rapid access to well-known vehicle faults. This is combined with a clear description of causes, supplemented by tested repair tips with visual support.


Watch the Bosch KTS 340 promotional video, click here

To download the brochure, click here


1 the KTS 570 can only be operated in conjunction with the ESI[tronic] software. Please ask us the many benefits of using a KTS with the latest ESItronic edition.
2 Adaptation cables for pre-OBD vehicles are available.
3 In a neutral test carried out by the inspection body Dekra, the new Bosch KTS 340 compact control unit diagnosis tester emerged as the test winner. In what has become its third largest benchmark test with diagnosis units, the workshop experts from Dekra carefully examined nine mobile hand-held diagnosis units. Click here for the complete story.

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