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Bosch KTS 200

Mini Tester with Maximum Power: ECU Diagnosis with the KTS 200

Get the Job Done Fast with Easy Testing. Innovative automotive technology with its multitude of electronic systems makes ECU diagnosis a must in today’s services. This also includes classic mechanical repairs and maintenance checks of the chassis, brakes, lights, etc.

KTS200 540x Alone

Value for money, easy handling, suitable for big and small modern workshop.

For targeted repairs, every mechanical, general or quick service workshop require important information from the ECU -- the error codes and sensor values. It is also required for resetting the service display.

The KTS 200 by Bosch is the perfect solution.

  1. Reliable vehicle identification
  2. Complete ECU diagnosis
  3. Instant test sequence with easy-to-understand guidance
  4. Full test depth and comprehensive diagnosis functions
  5. High market coverage
  6. Always up-to-date with regular software updates

kts200 pack

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