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Bosch BEA 350

Combination Petrol and Diesel Emissions Analyser – D.E.N.R. certified

A complete exhaust emissions tester for both gas and diesel engines for cars and commercial vehicles in one compact unit. Fully compliant with the Clean Air Act of 1999.

bea 350

  1. Brilliant Colour TFT Screen – Exceptionally bright display even in bright conditions.
  2. Bosch Operator Guidance, simple step by step guidance displayed in a concise, clearly arranged format. Eg. Test values displayed using bar charts.
  3. Simple operation with very few control keys, standard PC keyboard and an Infra-red remote control.
  4. Fast printout of test results with in-built thermal scroll printer.
  5. Bosch engine speed measurement technology using battery clamps.
  6. No.1 ignition lead sensor, Diesel clamp sensor available as an optional accessory.
  7. All models are equipped with a disc drive installed, for fast programme / data updates which can be performed by the user.
  8. Network capable through AWN (XML format)

Scope of delivery

  1. Components, operator and display unit
  2. PC keyboard
  3. Trolley
  4. Vehicle database
  5. Connecting cable B+/B–
  6. Oil temperature sensor, passenger car
  7. Smoke opacity measuring module incl. passenger-car hose and sensor
  8. Exhaust-gas measuring module incl. hose and sensor
  9. IR remote control

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