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Bosch EPS 708

Newest top-of-the-line commonrail test bench!

Forward-looking and very efficient. The new Bosch EPS 708 diesel test bench. Specially designed for common rail injection pumps and injectors it is regarded as the most advanced test bench in the world.


Test almost all brands of commonrail pumps and injectors!

Common Rail pump 1. Bosch CP1
2. Bosch CP3
3. CP for Delphi / Denso / Siemens
Common Rail injector 1. Solenoid valve CRI Bosch / Delphi / Denso
2. Solenoid valve CRIN Bosch
3. Piezo CRI Bosch / Siemens / Denso


Click here to read about the launching of the EPS708 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The injection pressures on which modern commonrail diesel engines run have risen constantly over the last few years. 2 ,000 bar is nowadays already normal – with a rising tendency. The new EPS 708 specially for common rail injection pump and injector testing with up to 2,200 bar.

Its newly developed rail is designed for pressures up to 2 ,500 bar, which means that the test bench is prepared for future developments in diesel technology.

Shorter setup times, greater safety and improved service

The new EPS 708 enables workshops to test common-rail injectors and common-rail injection pumps made by Bosch and other manufacturers. The test bench features an integrated cooling system, which significantly reduces the water consumption of the workshop. Injection quantities are measured electronically, while the pressure feed for the pump and lubricant supply is also regulated electronically.

The working area of the test bench is covered by a robust hood, providing protection from flying parts. As a result, a coupling cover for the pump is no longer required. This reduces the setup time for pump assembly even further whilst simultaneously increasing operator safety. The test bench motor cuts out immediately if the hood is raised during operation.

Service intervals – for example, for test oil or filter replacement – are monitored and displayed electronically. Additionally, the self-diagnostic system of the test bench provides the workshop mechanic with reliable information concerning unscheduled servicing requirements, such as an additional filter change. Hydraulic components are protected from contamination by an integrated filter in the new high-pressure rail. The rail is also equipped with an integrated cooling system to maintain low temperature during continuous testing.

Specific fault scenarios necessitate enhanced measuring procedure

Bosch is the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a retrofit package for workshop diesel testing to determine variations between individual injections through shot-to-shot deviation measurement. Due to wear and tear, diesel fuel-injection systems may eventually fail to meet the strict emission requirements of future legislations. In special cases, shot-to-shot variation must be established to identify rare or unusual faults.

In comparison to conventional measuring systems, this new procedure extends the test scope to cover specific fault scenarios. The technique renders multiple tests unnecessary and avoids repeated removal and installation of the vehicle's injectors. The new measuring technology can be retrofitted to the EPS 815 and EPS 708 diesel test benches.

Comprehensive test possibilities for Piezo common-rail injectors

Around 25 percent of common-rail diesel engines in passenger cars are now fitted with Piezo injectors. For this reason, Bosch has released the CRI Piezo test set for the EPS 815 and EPS 708 diesel test benches. It enables workshops to test Piezo injectors for passenger cars made by Bosch, Denso and Siemens/Continental.

The test set contains all necessary components for comprehensive and effective Piezo injector testing. In addition to leakage tests and injection measurements for different engine operating states, the test set can also be used monitor coupler filling and check the Piezo module for insulation faults. The workshop can also perform warranty evaluations with the new test kit. Regularly updated test values are available through a subscription to the ”TestData“ CD. Your equipment will always be able to test the latest injectors.

New multi-clamping system for common-rail injectors

A new multi-clamping system for injectors reduces setup times and enables flexible, precise working. Up to four common-rail injectors for commercial vehicles or six solenoid or Piezo common-rail injectors for passenger cars can be clamped to the diesel test bench at the same time.

The multi-clamping system features a universal injection chamber for injectors from Bosch and other manufacturers as well as fast-action clamping. Its innovative design offers workshops many practical advantages, such as leak-free assembly of commercial vehicle injectors and cushioning of the individual injectors to protect the test pressure lines. The new common-rail clamping system can be used on the diesel test benches EPS 708 and EPS 815.

What can all these do for you?

Have the most advanced common rail test bench in the world at your workshop.Everything you need to properly repair virtually all commonrail diesel pumps and injectors. This equipment will not drain your cash flow. This superior equipment would help you jump ahead of the pack…and stay ahead.
Along with this testbench, enhance your status as a BOSCH common rail partner with the more comprehensive repair capability for BOSCH common rail pumps and injectors. The diesel fuel injection (EP) certificate training courses regularly offered at the Bosch Training Center in Pasong Tamo, Makati will help you bring common rail pump and injector repair to a new standard, which is an option to a very small group of Bosch workshops worldwide.

Please click here for the EPS708 brochure

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