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Mas modelo ang sasakyan, mas madami electronics.

From engine management to convenience accessories, your vehicle consumes more power and require batteries that can provide consistent power supply at all times - night or day, hot or cool, standstill traffic or empty highway.

Bosch Battery

Trivia 1: Batteries need replacing at least every 2 years.

Why is Bosch a long time battery segment leader?

  1. Bosch has been producing batteries since 1922. Developing and producing superior batteries for almost 100 years.
  2. Bosch has an excellent reputation in batteries all over the world.
  3. Bosch has programs for both battery dealers and end-users
  4. Bosch batteries are certified by the Department of Trade and Industry. Look for the PS Mark.

What is available?

  1. Maintenance Free lead acid batteries
  2. Batteries in 6V, 12V and 24V
  3. Batteries for 2W, 4W, trucks at marine vessels

Where is Bosch R&D headed?

  1. Lithium Ion batteries
  2. Batteries in 12V, 48V and 200V+
  3. Batteries for electric vehicles (purely electric) and hybrids (combination battert and combution engine) in 2W, 4W and truck applications

Superior features of Bosch batteries

  1. The charge indicator that will tell you when your battery is still okay or nearing replacement.
  2. Case design na iwas sabog.
  3. Case design na iwas leakage ng electrolyte solution
  4. Bosch battery cases are simply durable

5 types of Bosch battery you will find here

  1. S4 Mega Power
  2. S5 Mega Power Silver. 30% more power. Para sa sasakyan na maraming electronics.
  3. T4 Mega Power truck/bus or HCV 
  4. EFB. For Asian start stop systems
  5. AGM. For European start stop

Kelan palitin ang battery?

  1. Pag 2 years na, have it checked
  2. Pag sabi sa charge indicator malapit na masira
  3. Pag hirap na magstart ng makina
bosch battery SOC  

Trivia 2: 1 in 3 Car breakdowns are battery related.

bosch battery trust 720

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